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Northern Trust FGR

The Northern Trust FGR is an innovative range of Dutch-domiciled index funds that can offer greater transparency as well as potential performance advantages and lower costs in comparison to active funds.

FGR at a Glance

The Northern Trust range of FGR funds is designed to make life simple:

FGR Funds' Potential Tax Benefits

Compare a hypothetical investment in the FGR North America Index Fund with a hypothetical investment in a S I C A V Société d'investissement à capital variable for a Dutch retail investor.

Tax Benefits Infographic

Northern Trust Asset Management

As a leading global asset management firm, our investment expertise, strength and innovation have earned the trust and confidence of the world’s most sophisticated institutional and individual investors.

With $956 billion in total assets under management, and a long-standing history of solving complex investment challenges, we believe our strength and stability drive opportunities for our clients.

$956 billion in AUM1

World’s 16th Largest Asset Manager2
  • Leaders in Factor-based investing since 1994
  • Best Smart Beta Strategies3
  • Over 30 Years of Managing Socially Responsible Portfolios
  • U N P R I Signatory
Liquidity Solutions
  • 4th largest cash manager for external clients
Efficient Market Exposure
  • Skilled management of exposures
  • Customized solutions across asset classes
Innovative Product Structures
  • Effective product structures for European investors (Common Contractual Funds / Fonds Voor Gemene Rekening)
1 Assets under management as of March 31, 2019. For the Northern Trust Asset Management entities included in the AUM total, please see disclosure at end of this page. 2 Total worldwide assets under management. Worldwide assets under management as of December 31, 2017, based on $961 billion in assets, according to Pension & Investments 2018 Special Report on Money Managers. 3 Asia Asset Management, 2015.